PuterBrute +HEARTz

No obvious 80s puter reference in the pic? No monitorhead? No diskdriver for a mouth? Well maybe his brain is an Atari ST, and the MIDI-controller is connected to the heart, beating in steady 119 BPM.

Into the Odd character generator

Click here to see this character!
Into the Odd (by Chris McDowall) is a game that doesn't really need a character generator. It takes less than a minute to create a character with equipment and all.

But since I needed a new project (and really like the system), I made one anyway: http://odd.pushingcows.se

It will generate a new character each time the page is reloaded.

Things that differ from the character generation in the book:

  • Doesn't use the starter package table. Instead, randomized items from the table (but at least two weapons)
  • Name tables are snatched from here and here

At the bottom of the character creation, I included a random image to spur the imagination of the player and/or referee. Or maybe it will just irritate people, I don't know. The images are all in the public domain and snatched from here.

It should be fairly usable on those smart phones as well.

Yeah, and you can click/tap on your attributes to perform a saving throw. Probably not useful but you never know.

Use to the permalink to save your character (e.g. use the generated link).

Atop the Prismatic Wave, there is a village

The village on top of the Prismatic Wave travels along. The platform upon which the settlers have build its home is slippery (like algae on wet rock), and many have been lost due to bad (or no) shoes.

Therefore, it is common practice to use a rope and toss it between buildings - if there's a kind soul to give you a hand at rope's end, that is.

The Prismatic Wave is easily spotted due to its vivid colours and 200 meters tall profile.

The four tall buildings each houses a wizard, unable to leave their home. They hate the next wizard in a clock-wise order for reasons not entirely obvious.

Each wizard also keeps a small shop, specialized in one of following items:

  1. Small things that still lives
  2. Large things that still lives
  3. Bread, and treasure maps where the lines appear gradually the closer you get to the treasure
  4. Welcome mats (you can get them in any language you want)
They gate these things in through portals (that look very much out of place) on their attics, but may only do so twice a day.

Typical encounters include:
  1. Washed up fish making it hard to navigate the streets, or people risking their lives to get their hands on one or two
  2. Someone holding on to the edge, screaming for help
  3. A sour wizard throwing things at passersby from his attic window
  4. Being hit by a thick rope by someone who wishes to pass the street
  5. Winged beasts trying to push people over the edge, for a quick snack
  6. A drunkard trying to trade used welcome mats for beer
  7. A large beast (or even monster) running around the slippery streets due to a portal mishap of one of the wizards
  8. Florentia Mcnaught reading her god-awful poetry from her kitchen window

You look up and see...

(in the cave)

  1. A large, crude painting of a human skull with antlers. It's red
  2. Tree roots that somehow managed to crack the stone. A bird has made a nest in one spot
  3. A band of ants marching. Every ten centimeters, there's an ant that's ten times as big as usual
  4. A tiny lizard looking for dew. It's licking the ceiling
  5. A pink gemstone, stuck in the rock. It's warm to the touch
  6. Nothing unusual

(in the abandoned prison)

  1. A clothed, not so complete skeleton, pinned to the ceiling with daggers. Judging by the uniform, it's a former guard
  2. Runes, drawn to look like cracks, that spell: "NENWNWWSW"
  3. A hole, just big enough to fit a child, leading to the section above
  4. A snare made of clothes
  5. Short chains with sturdy hooks at the ends. One is still dangling
  6. Nothing unusual

(in the cottage)

  1. A small mirror, cracked. Some shards are missing
  2. A wooden chandelier with four arms. One candle is black and unused
  3. Torn pages from a book, glued to the ceiling. The facing page numbers are all prime numbers
  4. A thick, grey curtain. If taken down, a cache of hard bread is revealed along with a bottle of wine
  5. Soot. It's smeared across the ceiling and looks almost like a letter
  6. Nothing unusual

(in the forest clearing)

  1. A curious animal head shaped like a pear, gracing down at you. The neck, long and slender, disappears behind the tree tops
  2. The sun, larger than usual
  3. A pack of small birds carrying away what looks like a human body
  4. One cloud that's changing its shape to the beat of your breathing
  5. A small tree, uprooted, slowly drifting away into the sky as if dragged by an invisible force
  6. Nothing unusual

Spells are individuals - or more like fish maybe

Spells are individuals, meaning there are only one of each in the whole wide world.

The witch who memorized read magic is the only one capable of casting that - until she does, after which the spell is free for all to catch.

You see, you don't put your nose in a musty old tome and memorize a spell - you must catch them.

It's like fishing.

You bait and you wait. But where do free spells roam? Where should you go? It's mostly all in the name of the spell, for example:

  • Feather fall: hen runs
  • Summon monster: broken toys
  • Sleep: beds
  • Web: old cellars
  • Power word kill: executioner swords
  • Invisibility: beggar's clothes

You catch object-bound spells (i.e. sleep, invisibility) by touching the object while pronouncing the spell's name (5% risk of also casting it), while location-bound spells (i.e. web, feather fall) are caught while spending the night in/at/close by the area.

The level of the spell dictates how hard it is to catch.

When you cast a spell, it first does its thing, after which it quickly runs out into the world again to seek shelter. It will not necessarily bind to the same object again.

Be wary of cantrips, by the way. They are so gullible that they'll gladly leave a wizard's mind for another if you just think about the spell's favourite object (and are close enough).

Common snakeox

  • Fur is actually hundreds of snakes
  • If startled, the snakes will scatter, leaving only the horns behind
    • The snakes will come searching for the horns (to reform the ox) in a couple of minutes
      • There's a urban legend going around about a failed hunter who collected these horns in his cabin, only to be overrun by thousands of snakes, all looking for their horns. They all merged into one enormous snakeox, with horns all over place, and trapped inside: the hunter, still alive.
    • In rare cases will the snakes attack instead
  • The snakeox will turn solid (e.g. turn into a real ox) if killed in a calm state
    • Highly sought-after meat